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Party DPS
Debuff Uptime:
Enraged Enraged

Party Members

Sorcerer ZĂȘnzi


Crit Rate %
Time spent dead
Total damage
Total damage %


Skill Hits Crit Rate % Damage % Highest crit
Elemental Fusion Elemental Fusion 1 100 41 13.5M
Fusion Fusion 2 100 20 3.3M
Nova IX Nova IX 1 100 15 4.9M
Hail Storm VII Hail Storm VII 15 73 10 360.2k
Ice Lances Ice Lances 6 66 9 698.4k
Meteor Strike X Meteor Strike X 1 0 3 0
Fireball XII Fireball XII 1 0 0 0
Prime Flame Prime Flame 1
Meteor Strike X Meteor Strike X 1
Mana Boost II Mana Boost II 1

Buffs Uptime

Buff Uptime
Vanguard Valor III Vanguard Valor III
Vanguard Valor III
OutOfCombatMovSpd Buff
You have gained the following effects for logging in 6 days or more out of the previous 7:

Increases Movement Speed by 20 when not in combat
Increases maximum HP by 5%
Increases Power by 6

These effects apply to all characters on your account.
100 abs
Everful Nostrum Everful Nostrum
Everful Nostrum
CDR Buff
- Increases Power by 27%,
- Increases Endurance by 20%,
- Replenishes 902 MP every 5 seconds,
- Decreases cooldown of attack skills by 15%,
- Increases Crit Power by 1.42.
100 swch
Complete Crystalbind Complete Crystalbind
Complete Crystalbind
CCrystalBind Buff
A protective spell which protects all crystals from destruction as long as you are a TERA Club member.
100 abs
Quatrefoil Brooch Quatrefoil Brooch
Quatrefoil Brooch
ASpd Buff
Increases Power by 30, Crit Factor by 30, and Attack Speed by 12%.
100 perc
Combat Dash: Stage I Combat Dash: Stage I
Combat Dash: Stage I
MovSpdInCombat Buff
Movement Speed increases by 21 while in combat. Effect ends when resisting.
68 abs
Spatial Gap Spatial Gap
Spatial Gap
ForceCrit Buff
All attacks against monsters are considered to be attacks from behind during the effect.
44 seta
Mana Boost Mana Boost
Mana Boost
351 Buff
Increases Attack Speed by 30% and deals 20% more damage against monsters.
41 swch
Grounded Nova Grounded Nova
Grounded Nova
Endurance Buff
Increases Endurance by 20%.
33 perc
Keen Nova Keen Nova
Keen Nova
Crit Buff
Increases Crit Factor by 2.5 times.
33 perc
Enhanced Ice Lance Enhanced Ice Lance
Enhanced Ice Lance
AtkPotion Buff
Arcane energy enhances the Ice Lance and increases damage by 30%.
23 perc
[Fusion] (Frost + Arcane) [Fusion] (Frost + Arcane)
[Fusion] (Frost + Arcane)
354 Buff
You may now use Iceberg.
17 swch
Equipoise-Arcane Equipoise-Arcane
AtkPotion Buff
Increases the damage of Fusion Skills that include Arcane by 20%.
12 perc
[Fusion] (Fire + Frost + Arcane) [Fusion] (Fire + Frost + Arcane)
[Fusion] (Fire + Frost + Arcane)
354 Buff
You may now use Elemental Fusion.
8 swch
[Fusion] (Flame + Frost) [Fusion] (Flame + Frost)
[Fusion] (Flame + Frost)
354 Buff
You may now use Prime Flame.
5 swch